Technical Services

Marathon provides technical services to the clients in the electrical generation industry, including oil and gas.

Marathon Technical Services include:

  • Managed task projects such as Bills of Materials solutions and Preventive Maintenance program development and optimization.
  • Project Controls tools and techniques for managing large volumes of data, corrective actions, and commitments
  • Financial projection and tracking tools for projects
  • Financial projection and Client Relationship Manager (CRM) integration

Marathon’s tools and techniques are proven in the field to be accurate, intuitively usable by a variety of personnel, simple to maintain with minimal skills, and are usually used by the client long after the Marathon engagement.


Technical Initiatives

Managed Engineering Tasks

Marathon has performed a wealth of managed tasks targeting engineering program betterment. These tasks result in products and control systems that client stations will use well into the future.

In the areas of MEL, CM, and BOM, stations become more able to ensure the right parts and materials are procured efficiently and available to perform maintenance and surveillance of equipment. Stocking and warehousing decisions limit sunk cost of materials while ensuring long lead and frequently used parts are available based on safety significance and location.

In the area of preventive maintenance, benefits include:

  • Equipment reliability as a result of incorporating requirements, and industry and station operating experience into the PM bases.
  • Rigorously addressing Single Point Vulnerabilities to prevent operations impact and loss of revenue
  • Optimized resource allocation, resulting from balanced preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and corrective maintenance (on non-safety significant or run to failure equipment), thereby optimizing resource allocation.

Client-Sponsored IT Projects and Strategic Support

Marathon develops and delivers IT-related solutions such as:

  • MEL, CM, and BOM Databases
  • Preventive Maintenance Basis Database and PM Change Tracking software
  • Supply and Demand Database for long range work planning and balancing resources against requirements
  • Employment pipelines and projections for critical skill employees
  • A living long-range training needs projection tool based on demographics and maintenance cycles
  • Maintenance Rule management database
  • Consolidated Improvement Plan Database that transitions to an excellence plan database.
  • Enhanced Performance Indicator Suite to track performance through the Confirmatory Action Letter closure. Also usable for managing and tracking future improvement in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Real-time project financial tracking tools