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04/15/20- Our CEO has written the first of several thought papers regarding the COVID-19 crisis.  Please make sure to read, you will find it in Resources under Thoughtpapers.  



3/19/20- Message from our CEO 

Associates, and Friends 

I hope this note finds you well in this most unusual, and without precedence in our lifetime, series of events.  Also, Happy Spring!

I wanted to take a moment and reach out to you with an update regarding Marathon activities and future.

I have authorized the office staff to work remotely until we have a better trajectory on the virus in the Atlanta area in particular, and the country as a whole.  We presently monitor access to the building via Ring technology. 

You can reach the staff as usual through the landline number (678-870-8700) that is forwarded and email addresses ( as usual.  Please feel free to let me know directly if there are any issues.

Conferences – It looks like the next couple of rounds of conferences have been cancelled and many beyond May are considering virtual alternatives.  The updated conference list is on the SharePoint.

Marathon as an entity will weather this storm.  We had a number of high value and high probability prospects before the COVID 19 crisis.  Many of these will be still viable once the country exits the present social distancing and shelter in place guidance.  As a matter of consideration there are areas Marathon can provide assistance in during this time as a result of the extreme actions taken both near term and over the longer horizon.  More about that in a separate communication.

I was reminded of an old proverb that may apply during this time of uncertainty and stress.  Chose faith over fear.  While faith can mean many things and fear implies several, the proverb is applicable under most definitions.  To me it reminds me that today is a new day and if I approach it with optimism and belief in the future, my day will be way better than if I allow fear to creep into my subconscious or conscious thoughts, and as a result too much energy will be consumed needlessly.

I will be available as needed.  My response time may be slightly longer than normal. 

Lastly, I wish you and your families a healthy Spring.  Be careful, wash your hands, reach out to family and friends, smell the roses in this uncertain time.

 Bruce O’Brien

President and CEO


11/12/19-  Marathon Consulting Group is participating in the upcoming 2019 ANS Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo Conference in Washington, DC.  Sr VPs Gary Cavanaugh, Mike Peckham and VP Dennis Hansen are presenting on Thursday November 21st.  The presentation outlines can be found below and the sessions will be conducted on in the Virginia A and C rooms at 8 am and 10:30.  Please join us!  Also, please feel free to set up a meet with either or both of them by contacting Marathon at