Management Services

Marathon provides extensive, reliable and proven power industry management and staffing services to electrical generation providers including nuclear, oil, and gas.

These services encompass:

  • Embedded and augmented Line and Project Management experts
  • Mentoring and monitoring as a part of improvement initiatives
  • Oversight and subject matter expert services
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Organizational and incident causal analysis and training

Marathon’s approach of precisely defining problems, determining causes, and determining effective actions in concert with the client has resulted in successful improvement strategies across our client base. From Work Management and Outage improvement to improving internal client relationships, Marathon’s sharp focus on problems and their solutions have been a successful strategy appreciated by our clients.

Management Services Initiatives

Client-Sponsored Projects and Strategic Support

Marathon can develop, implement and manage projects on a time and materials basis. Using low overhead project control tenets, we carefully control resources and spend rates while achieving high-quality products.


These projects have included:

  • Departmental improvement plans
    • Operations
    • Maintenance
    • Planning
    • Engineering
  • Functional improvement plans
    • Work Management
    • Outage and Reactor type specific (CANDU) outage benchmarking
    • Procurement and Inventory Management
    • Corrective Action Program
    • Procedure Improvement pilots and projects
    • Work Order Quality and Task Level Planning Projects
  • Supply and Demand Database for long-range work planning and balancing
  • Employment pipelines and projections for critical skill employees
  • A living long-range training needs projection tool based on demographics and maintenance cycles
  • Maintenance Rule management database
  • People Health Committee structure and implementation
  • Design Basis Verification
  • Extended Power Uprate support

These projects are typically initiated and driven by external and internally driven problem statements, findings, violations, or areas for improvement. Frequently, Marathon has implemented them with an eye to turning the problem from a weakness into a benchmarkable strength.

Directly Embedded and Augmented Staffing

Organizations frequently approach Marathon to augment and, in many cases, assume responsibility for a regularly staffed position. These positions can range from senior manager and director level to individual contributor staff positions.

Uniquely, Marathon can call on individuals with broad backgrounds, high proficiency, and flexibility who can integrate quickly into an organization and “own” performance improvement and the raising of standards. Their successes often lead to reassignment to other trouble spots within an organization because of their abilities and flexibility beyond their original assignments.

Marathon can provide staffing for the full spectrum of station needs: operations, maintenance, engineering, training, work management, outage, radiation protection, chemistry, security, IT, licensing, quality assurance, CAP, maintenance planning, and more.

Assessment of Programs and Processes

One of Marathon’s true strengths is the ability to use our experience to efficiently assess areas of performance in preparation of either cause analysis and/or development of action plans. Technical expertise, real-world leadership experience, and refined assessment models allow us to get to the fundamental problems quickly with accuracy, resulting in a fact-based assessment of areas needing improvement and verification of areas that are functioning as expected.