Meet the Leadership Team

Marathon’s Leadership Team is comprised of solid, proven energy industry performers who are technically astute, driven to attain high standards, and collaborative problem solvers. They also possess the mental agility necessary to help improve our clients’ performance through the use of all available facilities and innovation.

Bruce O’Brien

President and CEO

Bruce O’Brien has more than 45 years of experience in commercial nuclear power production, naval submarine operations, and shipyard work.

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Gary Cavanaugh

Senior Vice President

Gary Cavanaugh has more than 41 years of experience in utility and commercial nuclear power production.

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Philip Chase

Vice President, Safety Culture

Phil has more than 38 years of experience in nuclear power operations including both naval and commercial operations.

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Dennis Hansen

Vice President West Coast Operations

Dennis Hansen has more than 38 years of nuclear experience providing leadership in operations, outage and work control management, maintenance, engineering, and performance improvement.

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Gary White

Chief, Leadership Performance Officer

Mr. White has over 11 years of experience in healthcare.  He has worked with communities, leaders and organizations to improve their culture of wellness.  Mr. White is a U.S. Military veteran who has proven value as a strategic advisor on Public Health and Population Health matters. 

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Sally White

Vice President, Communications & Outreach

Sally White has more than 25 years of business, strategy and marketing experience in providing results-based solutions to commercial, DOD/DOE, nuclear power, utility EP&C’s and other high-reliability organizations. She has held executive positions in management, business development, marketing and sales.

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Meet the Client Services Team

Like our Leadership Team, Marathon’s Client Service Team are highly knowledgeable energy industry veterans. We seek out and retain professionals with demonstrated track records of innovative, successful problem solving (typically, our associates and employees are people we know and have worked with before). Throughout client engagements, we carefully monitor the Associate’s or employee’s performance and client satisfaction and actively engage to ensure both.


Joseph (Joe) Drago

Director Culture & Change Management

Mr. Drago has almost 40 years of experience in the commercial nuclear power industry, the national laboratories, and the Department of Energy.

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Lynne S. Goodman

Director, Licensing and Decommissioning

Lynne Goodman has over 40 years of commercial nuclear power experience including being decommissioning expert and emergency liaison to local government.

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Carl Kuester

Director, Projects and Work Management

Carl Kuester has more than 37 years of experience in nuclear power operations, including both naval and commercial operations.

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Laurin Mooney

Success & Safety Strategist

Ms. Mooney has over 30 years experience in healthcare.  She is a registered nurse that has been trained as a Legal Nurse Consultant and Certified Virtual Coach.  She served as  a clinical and administrative supervisor for over 10 years. 

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David Voeller

Director Projects and Maintenance

Dave Voeller has more than 45 years of naval and commercial nuclear power experience. 

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Steven Wackenstedt

Director, Operations Support

Steve Wackenstedt has more than 42 years of experience in nuclear power operations, including both naval and commercial operations.

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