Coronavirus: Critical Reflection on the Effects of the Pandemic

Thoughtpaper prepared by Bruce O’Brien – President and CEO


Frequently, an organization’s performance is driven by behaviors of leadership team members. Marathon has developed integrated tools and processes to help organizations reset standards and change the behaviors necessary for improving performance. We have been extremely successful in guiding our clients along their journeys to operational excellence.
Marathon organizational performance services include:
• Nuclear and non-nuclear safety culture surveys, analysis, assessments, cause analysis, action plan development, implementation support, and effectiveness assessments
• Regulatory Recoveries
• Mentoring and monitoring as a part of improvement initiatives
• Oversight and subject matter expert services
• Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Program
• Organizational and incident causal analysis and training
Marathon’s approach of precisely defining problems, determining causes, and determining effective actions in concert with the client has resulted in successful improvement strategies across our client base. From regulatory recoveries to improving internal client relationships and culture, Marathon’s sharp focus on problems and their solutions have been a successful strategy appreciated by our clients.


This paper is the second in a series regarding how an organization thinks about, responds to and implements and changes during and after   COVID-19 Pandemic. Through Observational Ground Setting, Paper 1 explored how the myriad of external global, community and family issues impact an organization and its culture.  This paper builds on observations in Paper 1, addressing potential scenarios of a changed and redistributed workforce and the potential to make the most out of those changes during and post COVID-19.  It mirrors the unsettling disjointed thoughts around asking “What If” scenarios during an actual event. In parallel, it invites us to start thinking about exploration, guiding and shaping the future, which extends into Paper 3 and the shift that is happening in the World and Organizations as we move through the Pandemic.  Paper also 3 examines the most probable What If’s and converts them into strategies that we may build into our organizational lives now and the future. Paper 4 provides a way of thinking about daunting things that happen in our lives and a methodology to guide people and organizations through to the other side. Finally, Paper 5 explores Après Covid-19, looking at adjusting and responding to the new normal after the pandemic and other predicted or unpredictable events in our lives, work lives and the like.

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