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Members of Marathon Consulting Group's Key Client Service Personnel are experienced leaders and executives from the nuclear power industry. Every Marathon Consultant has a proven track record.  They are able to provide superior service to our clients because of the knowledge they have gained from years of hands on, front line experience.Simply stated, our clients hire Marathon Consulting Group because we help them to become more competitive in the industry.

Bruce O'Brien, President and Chief Executive Officer

Paul Borer, Senior Vice President

Michael Peckham, Senior Vice President

Terri Johnston, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Gary R. Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President

Mark Floyd, Vice President

John Wills, Vice President

Philip Chase, Director Safety Culture

Kevin Christian, Director Projects

Carl Kuester, Director Projects and Work Management

Steven Wackenstedt, Director Operations Support

Larry Walsh, Director Technical Services

Coleen Ware, Director Organizational Health and Learning

Janie Bailey, Assistant Corporate Controller

Christine Messer, Bookkeeper

Michelle Rosenau, Assistant Bookkeeper


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