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Gaston Mike Riva
Director, Plant Support

Mr. Riva has 29 years of experience in nuclear power plant engineering, work management, maintenance and regulatory recovery. He has both led and been a team member on IP 95003 regulatory recovery projects at multiple nuclear stations. He has been assigned leadership positions in work management and maintenance departments at an operating PWR, including project management positions during refueling and extended shutdown projects. Other assignments include broad experience in Engineering. Mr. Riva is presently qualified as a lead root cause analyst. He has been EPRI qualified an experienced Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) Engineer and a qualified Systems and Program Engineer.

His most recent assignment was as Subject Matter Expert in Root Cause Analysis and the Corrective Action Program as a part of a stationís NRC Confirmatory Action Letter.

Mr. Riva earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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