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Nebraska Public Power District

Provided a program description for the current CNS Configuration Management  (CFM) Program.  Also provided objectives, criteria, and supporting background for a team assessment of the CFM program using vertical and horizontal assessment techniques applied to CFM functional areas and associated processes.

Provided an assessment of the configuration management system at the Cooper Nuclear Station.  Conduct the assessment of each functional area and associated processes using specified assessment criteria. Model the associated processes using structured business analysis or other modeling techniques. Provide recommendations for enhancements of process performance.   Consider and evaluate alternatives for performance enhancements.

Developed an integrated report of self assessments and evaluated the effectiveness of these self assessments. Provided assistance in the development of short and long term action plans to improve performance relative to INPO performance indicators.

Performed an assessment and developed a report of the effectiveness of past self assessments and improvement initiatives for Cooper Nuclear Station.

Provided the Nebraska Public Power District's Cooper Nuclear Station with assistance in envisioning appropriate procedure and administrative system changes, in developing a detailed plan for implementing the changes, and in facilitating development of the teamwork necessary for successful execution of the plan by the CNS staff.

Supported NPPD by researching a non-conformance related to vendor drawing control. Based on the historical research, MARATHON recommended a short-term and long-term resolution. The short-term resolution provided the site with a means to accept and use vendor drawings in support of maintenance and outage work. The long-term solution modified more than 30 plant procedures to define acceptable control and use of vendor drawings by plant organizations (including engineering and maintenance).

Provided a variety of staff augmentation services in support of procurement engineering and related activities. These included outage support, open item closure, technical receipt inspection reviews, and vendor drawing control support.

Provided an experienced fitness-for-duty (FFD) program developer and administrator while CNS resolved FFD program issues relating to high outage-related workload, staff turnover, program restructuring, and self identified program deficiencies. Accelerate progress in upgrading program policies, procedures, and directives while simultaneously reviewing entire FFD  program for compliance with 10 CFR.  Also, develop a strategic plan to gather all related activities into one integrated effort, and review and assess FFD program areas carried out by NPPD corporate organizations and contractors not under the control of the site FFD program management.

Also provided services for:

  • Document Control
  • Outage Support
  • Open Item Closure
  • Training Mock Board
  • Fix It Now Team
  • Drawing Change Notice Procedure Support
  • Vendor Manual Process Monitoring
  • Recruiting Services
  • AE Inspection Support
  • Engineering Mentoring
    • (Acting) Engineering Dept Managers
  • Process Improvement
    • Operations
    • Work Control
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering
  • Systems Engineering 50.59 Review Procurement Engineering Vendor Manual Drawing Control/Drawing Scanning


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