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Provided project management and engineering personnel for a 40+ person effort to develop Bills-of-Material for five ComEd stations. MARATHON had a leadership role in development of the ComEd project plan and performed the pilot project as a managed task. Production of BOMs also is a managed task. The project is scheduled for completion in 2000.

Senior associates provided critical leadership and experience during development of the ComEd project plan. This effort included building consensus between the station management of five plants on the BOM process, expected value, and project scope. The BOM pilot project was performed to exercise the project plan assumptions and the software modifications implemented to support BOMs.

The BOM production phase expects to build almost 6500 BOMs annually. These BOMs will address more than 250,000 plant components with historically high maintenance activity and/or emergent plant needs. The production phase is being performed as a fixed unit price, managed task.

Provided project management and engineering personnel for a 12+ person effort to review outage related MWRs for material suitability. The task was a result of ComEd's finding that material control procedures did not adequately control nonsafety-related materials. The effort reviewed the materials planned for outage work against the system/component design basis requirements. The project was performed as a managed task.

Provided process and procedure changes to resolve material suitability concerns. Tasks included coordination of engineering and maintenance concerns/comments and training plant staff on the revised process. MARATHON developed tools to facilitate use of commodity items in work planning and provided resources for planners to use in establishing piece part suitability during the work planning process.

Provided engineering reviews of Updated Final Safety Analysis Reports (UFSARs) for five ComEd nuclear stations. These compliance reviews assured that previously completed engineering evaluations did not violate language in the UFSARs. Discrepancies were identified as non-conformances and resolved in accordance with ComEd processes.


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